Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary

Post 1943

Catholic Cemetary Projects

Holy Cross, Replacement ProjectCWV Post 1943 is always on hand to help take care of the Catholic Cemetery in Savannah, GA.  The post helps maintain and repair burial monuments at the cemetery as well as other larger beautification needs.  One of our bigger projects was the replacement of the Holy Cross.

On Thursday May 29, 2014 members of the Catholic War Veterans Post 1943, Savannah, GA began the replacement of a Crucifix and Corpus located in the North West corner of the Catholic Cemetery new section. The original monument was destroyed by vandals. The new cross is made of steel 8”x4” and 3/8” thick wall. It is 22 feet in length weighing 800 lbs. The Corpus is equivalent to a six foot man.

To preserve the efforts put forth by volunteers of the CWV Post 1943 on May 29, 2014, below you will find several pictures capturing the installation of both the Crucifix and Corpus located in the Catholic Cemetery.

The following is a list of volunteers for this project:

  • Tommy Brunson, Chairman
  • Gerald P. "Jerry" Counihan, Commander - CWV Post 1943
  • Tim Ansley
  • Karl Holmen
  • Richard Tutle
  • Richard Byrd
  • Byron Stephens
  • Jay White
  • Heywood Ford