Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary

Post 1943

Feeding Our Outstandings Dependents (F.O.O.D.)

Intent:  To foster community between the families of deployed Soldiers and the chain of command over a free dinner.  To afford an opportunity for faith based organizations to server active duty personnel.  Through the dinner we care for those who give loved ones to fight for our country.

Who:  Families of deployed Soldiers from 2-3 AVN REG receive the benefits of our hospitality.  Chain of command is afforded the opportunity to connect with families who would otherwise have limited contact with them.  Finally, allow people of faith the chance to act charitably.

What:  Dinner is cooked off site and brought to a predetermined location on Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF Chapel Hall, 2-3 AVN Hangar or Deployment Center).  Food choice is up to the organizations discretion.  All food is donated, cooked and brought by the faith organization.

When:  FOOD program will take place once a month for the duration of the deployment (6-12 months).  First dinner will take place on 19 or 26 April from 4pm to 7pm.  the three hour window will allow individuals to rotate through in order to maximize limited seating.

Where:  the first FOOD dinner will be at the HAAF Chapel Fellowship Hall.